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India’s Must Try Street food

Step on to the streets of India A cacophony of loud noises erupts from every corner. Jam-packed with vehicles of all sizes and colours, the roads are as intimidating as they can get. In the sweltering heat, drivers communicate with each other using their blaring horns and loud voices while…

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Singapore’s oldest

We may be young but we have might Many of us are used to the droves of tall buildings that pierce the night skies when we pass through the central business district. Growing up in a cosmopolitan Singapore means that many of us take for granted the sturdy buildings, cleanliness…

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Singapore’s Hawker Culture

Step into a cacophony of yelling hawkers, loud conversations over ice kachang and spatulas scrapping against the bases of giant woks.      For those unused to the chaos, a hawker centre can come across as overwhelming. But for those of us who frequent these cheap eating areas on an…

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Cartagena: The Food Paradise

Nestled in the nook of the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is a famous port city in Colombia that is filled with tourists. Apart from the spectacular beaches, this paradise is well known for its rich history, architecture, culture and stellar ceviche. Restaurants tables spill into the narrow cobbled-stoned pathways flanked with…

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Japan’s Most Bizarre Eats: Can You Stomach It?

Home to some of the strangest foods in the world, Japanese cuisine may come as a shock to many. Brace yourself as we bring you our top weird picks – only for the strong stomachs! Katsu Ika Odori-don – Dancing Squid Bowl Imagine your meal still writhing on your plate…

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