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Wayang Jogja Night Carnival #4

Designated as the ASEAN City of Culture for the period of 2018 to 2022, Yogyakarta is truly the cultural soul of Indonesia. Headed by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, Yogyakarta is a hub of Javanese culture and keeps its traditions close to its heart. With its fierce determination to maintain its…

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Kurentovanje Carnival

When February rolls around, the oldest town in Slovenia bursts into a kaleidoscope of colours! The town of Ptuj has been hosting the Kurentovanje Carnival for over half a century as of 2019. For a period of ten days, there is nonstop entertainment as the town comes to life. This…

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Taiwan’s Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

On the fifteenth day of the first month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, lanterns fill the sky in the Pingxi District in Taipei, Taiwan. Held each year on 19 February, the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is a focal point in the Taiwanese calendar.  Locals and tourists alike come together for…

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A Fine Line between Appreciation & Appropriation

Tread carefully, for society has reached fresh – and fragile – new heights of sensitivity. Before you all begin grabbing pitchforks, hear me out. Surely, sensitivity beats out its antonymous counterpart by a long shot – except we’re now the scorned thin-skinned snowflake generation. But can we really be faulted…

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A Guide to India’s Colourful Holi Festival

It’s mayhem. Vivid, colourful mayhem. The Festival of Colours is in full swing, the air is infused with coloured powder and clouds of vibrant hues erupt over the boisterous crowd. Joyful people arm themselves with colored powder to smear on each other’s faces and water guns spraying neon coloured water.…

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A Harry Potter Beer Festival?!

All ye Potterheads, haven’t you heard? The Leaky Cauldron is coming to town! Rock Star Beer Festivals is bringing Harry Potter-themed beer fests to America. Chug some good ol’ frothy butterbeer and various magical concoctions like a true wizard.   From Snape’s Lair of Secret Cider Potions to holiday-themed ales,…

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