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Snapshot: Spiritual Mountains

Since time immemorial, mountains have been regarded as sacred sites, thanks to their high altitudes which kept them close to the skies – the perceived abode of the Gods. Year after year, these sacred mountains are climbed by pilgrims, devotees and other curious souls, thanks to the spiritual energy –…

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Bucket List Series: The Gift of the Nile

You know this land by its pyramids, pharaohs, deserts and camels.   Yes, these concoct the very zest of quintessential Egypt. After all, Egypt is, in all her glory, a flavourful synthesis of the contemporary and the time-honoured.        a peek into egypt’s hallowed past   Surely, it…

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3 Myths You Have to Know Before You Tour Egypt

Egyptian myths are a thing of wonder. Epic stories of love, betrayal and sacrifice, they were basis of the ancient people’s rituals and customs. Most importantly, the sphere of mythology was their way of understanding the world around them. The entire realm is so diverse and complex that an entire…

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Reopened: King Tut’s Tomb

The legendary tomb of child pharaoh King Tutankhamun has been unveiled to the public, following a nine year closure. The tomb had been undergoing restoration and preservation efforts in a bid to reduce the negative side effects of visitation. With hordes of tourists visiting the attraction daily, the tomb had…

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