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The Azores: Europe’s Hidden Eden

Located off the coast of Portugal lies an archipelago composed of 9 volcanic islands – The Azores. Europe’s Eden is one of its most hidden destinations that goes unheard of. Only those who have dug up enough about the nooks and crannies of the continent are aware of the beauty…

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Jamaica: Home to Rugged Coastlines

The famed homeland of Bob Marley, gained a name for itself because of its incredible landscape. Sway to the sound of the ocean waters lapping against the shore and explore the beautiful sights it has to offer.      Unlike the neat coasts of the South of France, Jamaica is…

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The Colourful Pacific: Papua New Guinea

Located 160km north of Australia, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is an island paradise, with its rich culture that is largely untouched by the modern world, lush tropical jungles and pristine beaches. In addition, the country has some of the best dive sites in the world, one of the best being…

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Coral Playground

Located just 14km off the southwest coast of Pingtung County, Xiao Liu Qiu (or Little Liu qiu) is a small coral island that’s known for its geological formations and pristine beaches. Visit during the quieter weekdays, and the island is a perfect couple’s getaway where you can swim with sea…

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Polynesia + Micronesia

The mere mention of the names Polynesia and Micronesia conjures up images of exotic, far-flung islands dotted in a long chain across the Pacific, stretching from Asia to South America. While they’re almost all characterised by their sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, for many travellers, their true allure lies…

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Exploring Antigua and Barbuda

Positioned where the Atlantic and Caribbean seas meet is a tropical paradise. Made up of two large islands and numerous smaller islands is the country of Antigua and Barbuda. It is home to innumerable reef-lined beaches, secluded coves, historical artefacts and rainforests. The quintessential island life is encapsulated in large…

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Lighthouse Reef, Belize

“The most remarkable reef in the West Indies” – Charles Darwin, 1842 If the remarkable Charles Darwin said it, you best believe it! The Belize Barrier reef is home to a remarkable chain of coral reefs on the coast of Belize. However, the most spectacular sight of this Heritage site…

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A Dive into the Unknown

Photo: Hoiseung Jung/Shutterstock These extraordinary sites add a new, lesser-known dimension to diving. FOR MANY dive enthusiasts, an underwater expedition is a prized opportunity to explore the captivating submarine realm. There is an enigmatic grace in the creatures of the deep and endless mystery within subaquatic nature, with a profound…

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Bucket List Series: The Gift of the Nile

You know this land by its pyramids, pharaohs, deserts and camels.   Yes, these concoct the very zest of quintessential Egypt. After all, Egypt is, in all her glory, a flavourful synthesis of the contemporary and the time-honoured.        a peek into egypt’s hallowed past   Surely, it…

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