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Porquerolles Island, France

The South of France conjures up an image of glamour. A-list celebrities, clad in colourful swimsuits, flock over each year to bask in the heat of summer and attend the Cannes Film Festival. Popular destinations like Marseille and Nice are packed with tourists and day-trippers, hoping to escape from cosmopolitan…

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Road Cycling for Beginners

In comparison to other sports, cycling is considered to be a relatively low-impact form of exercise which causes less strain and injuries. Plus, cycling is a good muscle workout that utilises all of the major muscle groups as you pedal, making it a suitable beginner’s workout for everyone.   Getting…

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Amsterdam – Even more pedal-friendly than before

From April 8 this year, you can take a leisurely pedal down Amsterdam’s city canals and cycle networks without having to look over your shoulder for speeding scooters on bike lanes. In this traditionally pedal-friendly city, almost 50% of all journeys are embarked on by bike. Yet for years, scooters…

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