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Colours of the Coast: Chile’s Chiloé Island

Chile may be famous for its soaring Andean mountains, the barren high-altitude Atacama Desert, and the glacier-laden landscape of Patagonia, but most visitors tend to miss out on the country’s charming coastal communities. Located on Chile’s southern coast that’s characterised by myriad archipelagos, Chiloé Island is a world of its…

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Island of Fire and Water

Set adrift in the vast Indian Ocean, Réunion Island – which belongs to France – is actually closer to Madagascar (and Mauritius) than it is to anywhere in Europe. And as an island destination, its selling point is not about sandy beaches or stilted cha- lets above the water –…

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Coastal Escapade

Journey to Taiwan‘s southernmost coast! Located on the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung County, Kenting National Park (more commonly known as Kenting), is Taiwan’s oldest and southernmost national park. The area is well known for its tropical climate, sunshine, scenic mountain views as well as breathtaking beaches. From enjoying picturesque sunsets…

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