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Peru: The Land of History

Woven into Peru’s rich history are intricately coloured patterns, diversity and beautiful stories of ancient rituals celebrated until this day.  Photo credits: Rod Waddington Lost in Time  Peru is home to history, visible after centuries passed. While time might have whittled down some of its intricate structures, most parts of…

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In Pictures: Songkran Festival in Thailand

Think of it as a mass water fight. But a friendly one, of course. The Songkran Festival in Thailand is a highly anticipated celebration for both tourists and locals alike. Many travellers come to Thailand just to celebrate with the locals and take part in the festivities. So, just what…

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Kurentovanje Carnival

When February rolls around, the oldest town in Slovenia bursts into a kaleidoscope of colours! The town of Ptuj has been hosting the Kurentovanje Carnival for over half a century as of 2019. For a period of ten days, there is nonstop entertainment as the town comes to life. This…

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