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Adventure Marathons

With a proliferation of marathons and themed runs worldwide, there seems to be a trend that combines scenic travel with a love of the race. These are just a small selection of adventure marathons around the world that combine cultural aspects and challenging runs.   COVERED BRIDGES HALF MARATHON, USA…

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Islands Off The Beaten Track in Southeast Asia

One of the advantages of being in Singapore is the relatively easy access to thousands of tropical islands around the Southeast Asian region. As more and more visitors head to popular resort islands like Bali and Koh Samui, other lesser-known islands in the region are drawing visitors who prefer to…

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Travel Back in Time: A Journey to Cambodia

A PHOTO ESSAY ON CAMBODIA BY: Gunther Deichmann One of the hundreds of serene and smiling sculpted stone faces that adorn Angkor Wat’s Bayon (Angkor Thom), the official state temple of the Mahayana Buddhist King Jayavarman VII in the 13th century. A small country with a big history, Cambodia was…

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Prodigious Waterworlds

A closer look at water-based communities around the globe. PERHAPS USED to living on land, are you ready to test the waters? Here are societies, past and present, whose lives revolve around bodies of water. Islas Uros, Peru Forced off the shores by the Incas centuries ago, the Uros in…

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Best Cycling Routes in Asia

If you are tired of a typical holiday journey by the conventional modes of transport, this one’s for you. Travelling around a country by bike is conceivably a less common, but nonetheless worthwhile experience you should definitely consider. There’s something keenly different about hopping from destination to destination on a…

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Experience Cambodia With These Whimsical Photos

A little bit about Cambodia: Cambodia is found in Southern Asia, located next to Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. The region consists of forests, jungles, mountains and low-lying plains. It see’s roughly 2 million tourists a year, thus making tourism the nations second greatest form of income just under textiles.

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