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Lighthouse Reef, Belize

“The most remarkable reef in the West Indies” – Charles Darwin, 1842 If the remarkable Charles Darwin said it, you best believe it! The Belize Barrier reef is home to a remarkable chain of coral reefs on the coast of Belize. However, the most spectacular sight of this Heritage site…

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The Gondwana Rainforests, Australia

The Gondwana Rainforests, Australia, can be found stretched over an extensive area between Newcastle and Brisbane. However, it does not exist as one single rainforest! It is an umbrella term for 41 separate reserves which were once part of a giant rainforest. Gondwana? The name Gondwana bears weight in the…

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In Pictures: Alberta, Canada

  Pass the northern edge of Montana into the Western Canadian border, uncover the riches of Alberta. It is a province whose landscape is littered with massive lakes, mountains and prairies amongst other feats of nature. Trodden on by people who have come and gone over the centuries, Alberta’s landscape…

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