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Snapshot: South America

Long romanticised as the continent of superlatives, South America is a wild landscape that is home to the world’s biggest rainforests, the highest mountain range outside of Asia, huge deserts, icy landscapes, high altitude lakes, and plenty of other breathtaking natural attractions. In addition, the region has seen some of…

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Ride of Your Life

TEXT BY: Linda Cash There is an infamous stretch of road in Bolivia which has become both popular and infamous with mountain bike riders. Its spectacular, exciting, but best of all, it’s all down hill. Built in the 1930s during the Chaco War by Paraguayan Prisoners of War, this narrow…

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Different Faces of Lucha Libre

A contact sport adapted to different cultures worldwide, wrestling is not just a modern-day performing art, but one that is deeply rooted in history, especially in Latin American communities. Two vastly different styles of wrestling can be seen in Bolivia, where indigenous women in puffy skirts are the stars of…

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