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Siargao Island From Above

Sun, sea, and sand. Home to over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is absolute heaven for those who love to be one with nature. With hundreds of beaches to choose from, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice in the Pearl of the Orient. But the country’s surfing capital holds something…

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Altiplano Attractions

Chile’s cultural roots are as diverse as its landscape, and have shaped the uniquely Chilean identity. Head into the country’s northern Atacama region, and you’ll find that it’s far from being a desolate, arid wilderness. The Atacama desert is overflowing with life, with fertile oases sustaining an astonishing diversity of…

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Beyond the Beach – Exploring Mauritius

One of the most popular beach destinations in the Indian Ocean, its tropical climate, shallow coasts, spectacular beaches, and luxury hotels are some of the country’s major draws. However, there’s more to Mauritius than just its beaches. For starters, it has a very unique culture that stems from its colonisation…

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Coral Playground

Located just 14km off the southwest coast of Pingtung County, Xiao Liu Qiu (or Little Liu qiu) is a small coral island that’s known for its geological formations and pristine beaches. Visit during the quieter weekdays, and the island is a perfect couple’s getaway where you can swim with sea…

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Polynesia + Micronesia

The mere mention of the names Polynesia and Micronesia conjures up images of exotic, far-flung islands dotted in a long chain across the Pacific, stretching from Asia to South America. While they’re almost all characterised by their sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, for many travellers, their true allure lies…

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