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Mount Batur: Subverting Expectations

While planning our trip to Bali, Indonesia, the one activity that constantly came up was trekking Mount Batur to witness the breathtaking sunrise splayed across the sky. We constantly heard about the rich colours that interlaced and danced with each other while the sun emerged amidst them. When the time…

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Reimagine Wellness Travel with Align Holistic Fitness

Combining fitness and wellness with travel – what’s not to love? Wellness tourism has become a rising trend that’s taking the world by storm amongst tourists, which blends wellness and travel into one itinerary. At Align Holistic Fitness, they manage to execute this seamlessly. About Align Holistic Fitness Based in…

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5 Bioluminescent Beaches You Need to Visit

Anyone who doesn’t like the beach is surely missing out. (Who actually doesn’t like going to beaches?) But the new talk-of-the-town are these beaches in several parts of the world that apparently glow in the dark. Is this fact or fiction? Definitely fact. Bioluminescence is the phenomenon that causes the…

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A Stone’s Throw Away

Travelling for the weekend has never seemed so near With numerous amounts long weekend holidays, spending it somewhere near the city can get very dull and tiring. With only a weekend to get away the hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, a short escape to some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful places…

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To get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, more and more individuals find themselves completely immersed in the wonders of nature. Completely cut off from the rest of the world, we seek an experience that produces a rush of adrenaline and a thumping heart when the day…

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Bali Is Indonesia’s First Plastic-Free Province

Environmental activists, conservationists and green enthusiasts – rejoice! As climate change takes its toll on Mother Earth, more countries are working towards curbing its effects by taking matters into their own hands to play their part. As of 23 June this year, supporters of the no-plastic movement can celebrate as…

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Bali’s Gates of Heaven

Above: The Gates of Heaven   Before you delve into this Indonesian intrigue, you might want to explore Turkmenistan’s Gates of Hell.   Perhaps we are all too familiar with the Instagram famous Balinese gate shown below.     Poised in a regal and antediluvian form, it is picture perfect,…

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Bali Imposes Tourist Tax

Foreign tourists travelling to Bali will soon have to pay a US$10 tourist tax. The proposed move by the provincial government is part of efforts to develop the Indonesian island. Revenue from the tourist tax would be used to finance programmes aimed at conserving the environment and Balinese culture. Local…

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