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In Pictures: Jordan’s Monuments

Passed through the hands of many empires and rulers, Jordan’s landscape is peppered with megalithic monuments. These monuments tell stories as old as time and captivates the modern-day audience member precisely because so many of these places can still be seen, felt and explored. Influences from the Greeks, Romans and…

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The Ancient Town of Hội An

Situated in the Quang Nam province in central Vietnam is the Ancient City of Hoi An. Only less than an hour away from neighbouring coastal city, Danang, Old Town Hoi An holds a rustic charm that you cannot find anywhere else in Vietnam. I spent the weekend in Danang with…

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The Lost Tribe- Veddas of Sri Lanka

PHOTOS BY: Pro Ironman athlete and photographer Jose Jeuland The Veddas are an ancient people of Sri Lanka, widely believed to have descended from the island’s ancient, indigenous aboriginal population– archaeological finds indicate the presence of their Neolithic ancestors on the island as far back as 10,000 BC. Many also…

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