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Zambia- Home of the Thundering Smoke

Lodged in the heart of Africa, discover the beautiful country of Zambia. This landlocked nation is known for its unmarred beauty, speckled with a myriad of plant and animal species. Furthermore, it is home to captivating geological formations, most of them being natural water resources. These include the famed Victoria…

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Hiking the Roof of Africa

Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains and Bale National Park. The mention of Ethiopia as a hiking destination – across the roof of Africa, no less – may bring surprise and intrigue in equal measure to most. After all, there is a surprising lack of available information on the 17-day trek from the…

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Altiplano Attractions

Chile’s cultural roots are as diverse as its landscape, and have shaped the uniquely Chilean identity. Head into the country’s northern Atacama region, and you’ll find that it’s far from being a desolate, arid wilderness. The Atacama desert is overflowing with life, with fertile oases sustaining an astonishing diversity of…

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Uncovering Fort Jesus, Mombasa

The African continent is the renowned birthplace of the Early Human Migration where our ancestors moved out of Eastern Africa to settle down in distant lands. Africa’s rich history is peppered with geological formations and cultural intermingling. Hence, it shows its might on the UNESCO’s Heritage List. It has a…

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Africa: The Bigger, The More Beautiful

  In a bizarrely opposite world, out totter the Djerma women onto the stage in all their massive, resplendent glory. They have trained hard for this moment of Niger’s Hangandi Festival reminiscent of a beauty pageant on the other side of the world – but at the same time, the…

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