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Coach Jen LiSheng

Starting his weight training during his teens to avoid getting bullied, coach Jen Li Sheng of Genesis Gym has spent years motivating others and even competing in a number of Strongman competitions. Jen won the title of Singapore’s Strongest man four times and is now continuing to be a role model to his clients and others around. 


What is Strength Training? 

Strength training is the physical activity that specialises in the use of resistance to create muscular contraction that strengthens not only the body, but also the mind. 

Most people often perceive strength training as a pointless activity in which you go to the gym to grunt and exhaust yourself. Strength training, when performed right, can have a significant functional benefits and help improve overall health and well-being. For coach Jen, strength training takes on a scientific approach. Nutrition, rest and overall lifestyle are all the working factors that takes into account while training. Strength training doesn’t only strengthen ones body, but it also sharpens the mind and emotions.


Training While Traveling

When it comes to traveling, we often find no time to go to the gym and conduct a full out workout that we may be used to doing while we’re at home. One does not have to be brutally disciplined to fit in a short workout when traveling. It does help having to find accommodations that provide an in-house gym or a gym that is of walking distance from where you are staying. Though if you plan on trekking or doing something adventurous in your trip, best be properly trained beforehand!

Most adventure sports, it is required to have a pair of strong legs and strong core. Of course, a person’s current fitness level, flexibility, prior or pre-existing injuries, other health issues should be considered. It is advised to get someone knowledgeable to assess these variables and put together a training program. 


True Benefits

Strength training is not only for vanity, but it also holds numerous benefits. Not only does strength training help you get stronger and fitter, but it also protects bone health and muscle mass. As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass and training twice a week of high intensity resistance and impact training can show improvement in bone density, structure and strength. Strength training also helps in boosting metabolism, but weight and/or resistance training can also help boost calorie burn. 

When asked about how to go about in starting strength training and conditioning, coach Jen’s advice is to take it slow and easy, and see what works for you. When you feel you are ready to take your training to the next level, approach a professional that can better guide and advise you, and help you reach your goals.

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