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COMBINING ELEMENTS of various extreme sports such as  surfing, paragliding, wakeboarding, sailing, and even snowboarding and skateboarding, kitesurfing or kiteboarding requires one to harness the mighty winds with a power kite to manoeuvre around the water. Netent Casinos | NetentPlay might give you some sports betting info and entertainment.


Getting Started

Just like any other extreme sport, kitesurfing requires full body coordination. Getting familiar with the proper postures of the sport and strengthening your muscles further can help in your on-site training and prevent you from getting injured.


You could start your workouts with some Vinyasa Yoga, which is usually intensive and dynamic. Not only does Vinyasa Yoga help to strengthen and stretch your muscles, it also aids in the coordination of movement and breathing.


A strong back is required to maintain a good posture, both of which are crucial for kitesurfing. Work on strengthening your back by integrating inverted push-ups and lateral pulldown exercises into your routine. These workouts also help to build your biceps, tone your abdominal muscles, train balance and reduce risk of injury.



When it comes to getting onto the board and getting hold of the power kite, it is highly advisable to approach professionals for lessons and subsequent training.


There are Singapore-based kitesurfing schools offering a choice of lessons at East Coast Park or at the nearby islands of Bintan and Desaru. Necessary equipment are included in your session, the duration of which last from 2.5 to 5 hours depending on your preference.


Coaches will teach you the proper basics of handling the kite and key techniques you will need to master before you can glide swiftly on the water.  You will also be taught how to assess weather and water conditions, so as to fully utilise the elements to your advantage and stay safe.


For beginners, fret not. The first step to kitesurfing is simply building up the confidence to get started!

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