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WHEN YOU THINK OF aquatic exercises, swimming laps in a pool comes to mind. But aquatic workouts have evolved into so much more. From aquatic spin classes to aqua gyms, the pool now allows you to do more than just laps.


Aqua Fit

Contrary to how it might seem, AquaFit is far from easy. Being a full-body workout, AquaFit uses elements from different exercises such as running and dance. Due to the buoyancy of water, engage in your cardio workout without putting too much strain on your body.


AquaFit is also recommended for those recovering from injury as it does not put tension on your joints while still building muscle and improving flexibility. The workouts are also adjustable depending on your fitness level, with instructors giving advice and helping you modify the difficulty of the training forest cross platform.


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Aquatic Cycling

Take your spin classes to the next level, or in this case, underwater. Just like any other spin class, there are stationary bikes and an instructor to guide and motivate you throughout the class. The only difference is that you will be doing the spin class with half of your body submerged underwater.


Being underwater adds more resistance to this low-intensity workout. Unlike your regular spin class that is held on dry land, aquatic spin classes focus not only on the legs, but also different parts of the body.


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Incorporating elements from yoga and pilates, FloatFit will test your balance, endurance and muscle strength. This water-based workout will have you standing on an aquabase, an oversized float, where you will have to stay up and do the workouts as instructed.


FloatFit is a high-intensity conditioning that requires you to use your entire body. From your legs to your core, FloatFit will keep your adrenaline pumping during the session and leave you feeling sore afterwards.



Fun Fact

Aquatic exercises have a number of benefits for your health such as improving stamina, helping in the recovery of muscle and/or joint injuries, even increasing circulation and improving blood pressure!


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