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Get your start in exploring the hidden world of caves

Spelunking, more commonly known as caving, is the exploration of caves. Discovering the hidden world that lies within a seemingly boring cave can be an invigorating experience. The thrill of spelunking can be a tricky expedition, so here are some tips before you cave in!


Go in Groups

There is strength in numbers. Spelunking involves passing through slippery, dark, and steep obstacles, so the risk of getting an injury is very much possible. Even if you follow all the safety regulations and have all the necessary equipment, it is still better to go caving in a group. 


Gear Up!

Just like many of our Sports+ adventures, we always recommend getting the right tools for the job. The rocky nature of caves can cause some serious injuries if the individual is not wearing the proper gear. That said, one of the most important gears you need is a helmet to prevent you from butting heads with the rocks as well as some padded attire to act as added cushioning when climbing or crawling in the caves. 


Start at the Bottom

Caves are one of the few places where Mother Nature can be quite unforgiving, so mistakes should be kept at a minimum. If you are going into spelunking as a beginner, know the limitations your skill set allows. 


Spelunking is a very tiring activity! Make sure to alert your guide and group if you are feeling fatigued at any moment during your expedition.

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