In Pictures: Songkran Festival in Thailand

Think of it as a mass water fight. But a friendly one, of course. The Songkran Festival in Thailand is a highly anticipated celebration for both tourists and locals alike. Many travellers come to Thailand just to celebrate with the locals and take part in the festivities. So, just what is the Songkran Festival all about?

Elephant at the Songkran Festival

Songkran is Thailand’s most celebrated festival and is a grand occasion in the Buddhist calendar. Running for three days in mid-April, it commemorates the start of the Thai new year. 

Songkran is definitely a highlight in the Buddhist calendar. People celebrate this water festival by splashing water on themselves and others, as a symbol of cleansing themselves of bad things. The excitement and thrill of participants really exude in the smiles on their faces, which makes Thailand truly the ‘land of smiles’.

Let us take you on a visual journey through the Songkran Festival in Thailand with these photographs. 


Locals celebrating Songkran Festival

Photo by

Photo by

Children celebrating Songkran with water guns

Photo by Johan Fantenberg

Photo by Kazuhiro Nakamura

Photo by Kazuhiro Nakamura


Photo by Kazuhiro Nakamura

Photo by James Antrobus

Locals using buckets to celebrate the Songkran Festival

Photo by Jan

Tourists on a motorcycle at the Songkran Festival

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