Soak in a Human Hot Pot this Chinese New Year

Image Credit to CNN


Enjoying steaming hot-pot is a Chinese New Year tradition but stewing in one? This bizarre opportunity is part of a seasonal promotion by Hangzhou’s First World Hotel in Zhejiang, China. Yay or nay?


This strange idea is courtesy of the Yunman Hot Spring which feeds into the hotel. Its natural hot spring pools are divided into separate compartments not unlike a traditional hot-pot. These will be filled with hot pot fare (not meant for consumption!) like bananas, lettuce and chilli peppers.


While soaking in hot pot ‘soup’, guests can feast on gigantic kebab skewers of barbecued meat and bell peppers which lie across the compartment itself, according to CNN. The whole concept was developed to promote a healthy lifestyle in the week leading up to Chinese New Year, as reported by the Straits Times.


In honor of the Chinese horoscope, the hotel is providing this peculiar dining experience for free on 3 Feb for guests born in the year of the Pig.


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