Snapshot: Queensland

Uncover the beauty of Queensland, nestled in the northeastern edge of Australia. From scenic treks to underwater adventures, this state promises to leave you in awe every step of the way. 


Undara Volcanic National Park

Renowned for its enigmatic network lava tunnels and caves, the National Park came into formation after the ancient eruption of volcano Undara. 

The lava tube system is littered with caves that house biologically-diverse species, unique to the Australian continent. 

Immerse yourself in a weekend of exploring ancient rock formations and admire how rocky terrains erupt in dense greenery on the trails. 


Champagne Pool

The vast landscape stretches into the ocean and pale brown hues fade into glittering greens where the water starts to deepen. 

Plunge into the warm pool- tranquillity unaffected by the cacophony of crashing waves that envelop its rocky barricades. 

From the sandy bottom, small bubbles rise away from pockets of air and etch themselves onto the skins of those breathing in the salty ocean air, hoping to catch a glimpse of pod whales.  


Moreton Island 

38k kilometres of sand sprawls over Moreton Bay -a paradise for beach lovers. 

The crystal clear water reflects the sunlight and gentle waves crash into the quiet shores that overlook the famous shipwreck. 

This is where divers and snorkelers whiz through the Tangalooma Wrecks in hopes of catching the innumerable species of fishes, corals and marine life hidden in copper-coloured sunken ships.  

Mount Bartle Frere

Scale the highest mountain in Queensland and watch the tropical rainforest transition into a cloud forest on the ascent.

Navigate through moss-coated rocks in the boulder field and breath in the thick earthy smell.

Atop the summit, revel in the view of coastal lowlands against the backdrop of a rich crimson sunset. 


Getting there: Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qantas offers direct flights to Cairns and Brisbane.

Travel Visa: An Australian visa is required for Singaporeans regardless of the length of stay. Currency: 100 Singapore Dollars = 105 Australian Dollars 

Language: English 

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