Snapshot: Malaysia, Sabah

Mount Kinabalu & Kinabalu Park

Home to hundreds of animals and an array of flora and fauna, it’s no question why Kinabalu Park was designated as Malaysia’s first Heritage Site. Stretching over 75,000 hectares, there are countless activities to enjoy such as splashing around Langanan Waterfall or embarking on a nature trail. But the highlight is definitely Malaysia’s highest mountain right in the middle of the Park – Mount Kinabalu. While the peak is definitely not for the faint-hearted, the amazing views will definitely make the trip worth it.



Danum Valley: Sabah’s Most Biodiverse Jungle


Known as Sabah’s most biodiverse jungle, Danum Valley is an absolute haven for animal lovers. This untouched beauty has remained the way it has always been for millions of years. From jungle trails to the night safaris, expert guides provide enriching guided tours around the Valley. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for pygmy elephants and orangutans! Eco-friendly accommodations are also available for those who want to spend the night.

Bohey Dulang Island


Out of the hundreds of islands in Sabah, many say that this might be ‘Sabah’s most beautiful spot’. Nestled on Bodhgaya Island in the Celebes Sea is the stunning Bohey Dulang Island. While it may be smaller compared to its neighbouring islands, Bohey Dulang boasts the most remarkable views. What was once part of an extinct volcanic crater has become a beautiful sapphire-blue lagoon. Stroll along the white-sand beaches or hike to the peak at sunset and bask in all its beauty.

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Home to some of the most stunning diving spots in Asia, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice here in Sabah. But here at Tungku Abdul Rahman National Park, you might go berserk from the variety of spots to choose from. The park consists of five islands, but one that truly stands out is the world-famous diving spot – Sipadan Island. Brimming with life at every corner from living corals and a plethora of marine life, it’s no wonder why Sipadan Island is a crowd favourite amongst novice and professional divers alike.

Getting There: From Singapore, there are direct flights to Kota Kinabalu via AirAsia and Silkair.

Travel Visa: Singaporeans do not require a travel visa to enter Malaysia for up to 30 days.

Currency: 100 SGD = 306 MYR

Language: Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), English, Several Chinese Dialects

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