Sand Bashing in Asia

Taking an adventurous turn for Sports+ this issue, we take you on a 4X4 ride through sand dunes!

Dune bashing is an incredibly popular activity when one travels to the UAE, but no one really thinks of it when travelling to Southeast Asia. Yes, you don’t have to fly too far away to experience some desert fun.

Greatest part of this feature? You don’t need any type of training to experience it! You just need the heart of an adventurer and a dash of daredevil-ness.

Probably one of the most popular sand dunes in Asia is the La Paz Sand Dunes located in Paoay, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. Known amongst adrenaline junkies of all ages, La Paz Sand Dunes takes you on a 4X4 ride on its high slopes and gives you a rush in sandboarding!

The 4X4 will take you to new heights (almost literally!) as it speeds through the different ups and downs of the Sahara-like sand dunes. If that bumpy ride wasn’t enough to pump up the adrenaline, sandboard down one of the sand dunes’ highest hills.

One of the lesser-known ‘deserts’ is the White Sand Dunes tucked in the Southeast coast of Mui Ne in Vietnam. The sand dunes are perfectly placed beside Mui Ne’s ocean view, giving you a picturesque treat while you bask under the hot sun.

Travellers can take on the 4X4 adventure at the White Sand Dunes and have a little fun with sandboarding as well! It is recommended to come for the sunrise, the beauty of the sand dunes greets you with delight.

Who would have thought that you would get to enjoy such sandy beauties just around Singapore? Take flight and get sand bashing!

By Julia Lachica

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