Row Through Israel’s Ancient Underground Arches

Imagination runs wild within these arched tunnels beneath the city of Ramla, Israel. A Phantom of the Opera-esque fantasy reenacted before your eyes, sit in a rickety rowboat as your guide rows you through these hallowed curved arches. The Pool of Arches is one of Israel’s most unique historical sites.


Drifting down Israel’s own River Styx is a journey through the pool’s history. Back in the eighth century, the days of the famous Caliph Haroun al-Rashid saw the construction of the reservoir to sustain water supply to the city above. Its majestic Muslim architecture has remarkably withstood the severe earthquakes that shook Ramla to its core.


In a leisurely fashion reminiscent of Charon, Hades’ ferryman, your guide will navigate you through these tranquil waters to check out a famed age-old wall inscription. Be sure to look out for the carved square hatches from where people used to lower their buckets to collect water.


While ‘Pool of Arches’ is an elegant name the reservoir mostly goes by, people also know it by an alternative moniker, ‘Pool of Goats’ in Arabic because of the animals that used to drink from the cistern.

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