Remarkable things to do in Krabi

Unlike its louder sister, Phuket, the province of Krabi has a quiet charm. Perched on the southwest coast of Thailand, it is a haven for tourists looking to escape the hubbub and soak in tranquility. Take a rejuvenating trip to the area blessed with some of nature’s most stunning formations – limestone cliffs, crystal-clear lagoons and small offshore islands. These give rise to some remarkable things tourists can do! 

There is no doubt that Krabi will be the province to steal your heart away. Charming you to the very soul, Krabi lets you catch quiet moments in the beauty of lush surroundings. Participate in activities that will promise to leave you in awe of this diamond in the rough. Here are some of our favourite things to do in Krabi that will stretch your dollar while exceeding your expectations! 

1. Ascending the Wat Tham Sua Aka Tiger Cave Temple


Remarkable things to do in Krabi


At a distance of about 3-km away from Krabi Town, the Tiger Cave Temple is a favourite amongst many for the stunning view it offers from above. The catch- you will have to climb up 1256 steps to reach the top! However, do not let that startle you. The hike up promises to be worthwhile. It is filled with breathtaking views and if you are still not convinced, there are public buses to take you up. Entrance to the temple is free but the view of it offers of the land stretching into the sea basking in the the tranquility of the temple is priceless! 

Location: Krabi Noi, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand

Cost: Free 

Mangrove Kayaking- Ao Thalane Bay


Remarkable things to do in Krabi



Perhaps one of Krabi’s best kept secrets has to be Ao Thalane Bay. Flanked by towering limestone formations, the quiet grove will take your breath away. Sunlight filters through the dense mangrove forest as you paddle through the waters slowly and look out for the unique species of plants and animals. Guides will expertly navigate you through some of the trickier areas where the branches tangle up and hover just overhead. Then, feast on extremely fresh food after kayaking at a local restaurant. It is truly an experience that cannot be missed when in Krabi! 

Location: Ao Thalane at the Ao Luk sub-district 

Cost: Prices start at SGD 22.59

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam – Chasing gems 


Remarkable things to do in Krabi

Photo Credits: Thailand Tourism Directory 


Unlike the Emerald Pool plastered on the Instagram pages of those who have been to Krabi, this stream is quieter and unspoilt by over-tourism. Clear water flows down a limestone mountain, intermingling with seawater to produce a emerald hue. This destination is a local’s favourite. Enter the mangrove forest and rickety wooden platforms will lead you through snaking branches and tangled roots. The unperturbed waters mimic the look of tinted glass hovering above the riverbed and swings are attached above onto sturdy branches for people to plunge into the water, with a giant splash. Spend your day here where small man-made pavilions are woven into nature’s tranquility. Don’t forget to clean up when leaving so as to not disrupt the fragile ecosystem! 

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Location: Khao Khram Mueang Krabi Krabi 81000

Cost: 30 baht for children and 50 baht for adults (foreigners) 


Glowing Beaches and Sunsets 


Remarkable things to do in Krabi


You don’t have to travel far and wide to look for bioluminescent beaches. Krabi is home to a stunning beach that lights up at night because of bioluminescent planktons that live underwater. As the night starts settling in, watch out for the sunsets that Krabi is incredibly famous for- skies dipped in brilliant shades of reds and orange. Then head over to the beach and dip your feet in the cold water, lighted with an eerie glow from within. While most claim that the glowing waters cannot be captured by ordinary cameras, we recommend living in the moment and just enjoying the sight! It is truly a mesmerising experience. Get your money’s worth by engaging a tour company that brings you to multiple locations if you plan on visiting the beach at night. 

Location: Various 

Cost: From SGD 35 (4-islands tour) 


Rock Climbing 



Filled with karst towers, Krabi and its surrounding islands provide the perfect settings for you to try out rock climbing! Whether you are experienced or not, there is a cliff for everyone to scale. Our favourite destination – Railay. Lodged between Krabi and Ao Nang, Railay has got numerous climbing routes that cater to different levels of agility and skill.  Due to the high cliffs, Railay is inaccessible via mainland access so you would need to hop onto a boat to get there. While it may be price, the packages do come with equipment, experienced guides and the boat rides. However, the adventure-filled day will be worth the journey. 

Location: Krabi 

Cost: From SGD 95

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