Red Wing Shoes

Made for the modern woman and stitched with archival inspiration. 

Founded in 1905, The Red Wing Shoe Company released its first women’s boots in 1952. Since then, the Company has paved the way in building a legacy that combines comfort and style to craft the ideal boots for women.

While it was previously unavailable in Asia, The Red Wing Shoe Company is now proud to announce the launch of their women’s line of footwear in Asia. Find yourself at the rustic store in Orchard Gateway, Singapore and take a step back into time as you find a pair of boots for yourself that tells a story of the Company’s heritage. 

Whether you are planning to visit a wintery region during the holiday season or simply want to enjoy the luxury of stylish comfort in tropical Singapore, The Red Wing Company will have the perfect pair of boots for you that does not compromise on quality! Each boot is fitted with softer leather, a comfort footbed that moulds to the shape of your feet and lighter soles.

Now, if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry as in this feature, we are bringing to you three of our favourite boots!

The Clara

Red Wing

Tracing back its inspiration to the original women’s boots, the Gloria, Clara is a tribute that is fit for the modern woman. Handcrafted with a contemporary design, the Clara is a classy fit for any outfit during the day or night. The 2.25-inch leather-stacked heeled boot is timeless and adds an edge to without causing discomfort to the wearer’s sole. Whether you are battling rainy skies or the sweltering heat, Clara is perfect for you!

The Chelsea

Red Wing

The classically styled women’s Chelsea in the Heritage Women’s Collection is a design beloved by the masses. Tracing its inspiration to the 1950s, the Chelsea is a timeless addition to anyone’s shoe collection. This slick design can be dressed up or dressed down to adapt to your everyday use. Furthermore, with its grippy rubber outsole, the Chelsea will brave rainy days and snow-slicked pavements without causing you to slip.

The Silver Smith

Red Wing

Lace up in this statement piece that will soon become your staple piece! Originally built for farm fields and blacksmith workshops, the modern Silversmith is a rugged boot that boats durability while retaining its stylish factor. With Red-Wing leather held together in a Puritan triple-stitch construction, be rest assured that the boots will not be failing you any time soon. Moreover, the 7-inch boots are fitted with a Vibram® 430 Mini-lug outsole that you can trust to survive the outdoors when the weather becomes harsh.

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