Sail into Rafting

Not your typical day of sailing

A complete team effort, white water rafting is an exhilarating experience best shared with your bundle of loved ones. This thrilling activity does not need much, apart from a few things such as your attire and ability to swim; white water rafting is bound to leave you wanting more. 


Dress for the Occasion

You need not dress to impress when rafting. When you’re out in the river, you are bound to get soaked. We suggest wearing clothing that would tend to dry fast such as t-shirts and shorts made out of dri-fit fabric, as long as you avoid materials that get heavy when wet—cotton and jeans—you are set to go. 

As for shoes, a pair that stays on your feet at all times is highly recommended. That means, no flip-flops. Go for some water shoes or reuse a pair of old sneakers that you wouldn’t mind getting soaked in the water. 

Follow the Leader

Rafting can get intense, especially when you make your way down to the river and encounter some strong rapids. It is in these types of situations where you have to follow and trust your guide to be prepared for what the river has in store. 

Always pay attention to your guide’s briefing before every rafting journey! During the briefing, the guide will tell you all the safety instructions and procedures as well as paddling commands to get everyone in sync when you are out rafting. 

Get Ready for a Workout

Despite being on a raft with numerous adventurers, the raft needs to be powered by every single individual in the raft and not just the guide. So get ready for an arm workout. White water rafting does not require you to be an expert in rowing but it does help to have a little bit of extra upper-body and core strength.

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