Publisher’s Note

Dear Fellow Travellers,

When it comes to adventure of a lifetime, few come close to experience a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife excursion. Whether you’re witnessing a wildebeest migration or red crab spawning, the sheer numbers can be overwhelming. But so can spotting an incredibly rare wildlife like polar bears. It all depends on your cup of tea.

We kick off the issue with a visit to Taiwan, where the wildlife can be surprisingly plentiful. From butterfly migration to its abundant colourful birdlife, there’s always something to look out for.

We then head to Bolivia, where the high altitudes of the Altiplano may seems lifeless, but it is home to thousands of flamingoes, in addition to its llama species and other desert dwellers. Further north in Peru, the Amazon is home to a rich diversity of wildlife; from jaguars to capybaras and howler monkeys, there’s no shortage of wildlife to watch out for.

In South Africa, check out some marine action: from great white sharks to penguins and sardines, it’ll give you a different perspective of the country’s wildlife. If it’s classic safaris you’re looking for, check out Zambia for your Big 5 game watching, but minus the crowds and the 4WD.

We close the issue with a feature on Svalbard – no matter when you visit, there’s always something different to see. In winter, it’s the northern lights, and in summer, polar bears and seals emerge from the pack ice.

Meanwhile, this issue’s Sports+ segment features some off-roading travel tips.

Until then, Happy Trails!

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