Peru: The Land of History

Woven into Peru’s rich history are intricately coloured patterns, diversity and beautiful stories of ancient rituals celebrated until this day. 

Photo credits: Rod Waddington

Lost in Time 

Peru is home to history, visible after centuries passed. While time might have whittled down some of its intricate structures, most parts of ancient buildings still stand, unmarred. Get lost in the passage of time as you set foot on the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, a reflection of a 5000-year history.

Trek to the Sacsayhuamán, an Inca citadel renowned for its spectacular manmade walls. It is near there that Inti Raymi, an annual Inca festival, is still celebrated by the Peruvians each year. Then reach into a part of history before the Inca civilisation when the ancient Chimú civilisation was thriving when you visit Chan Chan. Perhaps, you will leave Peru will a piece of history etched on you. 



Celebration of Inti Raymi at Sacsayhuamán | Photo credits: Cyntia Motta


An Eruption of Colour 

While Brazil has Carnaval do Brasil, Peru has Fiesta de la Candelaria. With its boundless wealth of cultural heritage, Peru has so much to celebrate! When new traditions and customs are woven into older ones, a new facet of Peruvian heritage gets established. Festivals take to the streets in celebration of the old and the new. Fiesta de la Candelaria is one such festival! Almost 150,00 performers on the streets in Puno celebrate both the patron saint of Puno, the Virgin of Candlemas, and its Quechua and Aymara legacies. 



Photo credits: Juan Pablo Gallo

The Peruvian Food Fiesta 


The food in Peru is as colourful as her festival and promises an eruption of flavours in your mouth. Peru’s national dish, ceviche, started out with only 5 ingredients – sea bass, onions, lime, salt and hot chiles. The freshness of the fish cut through by the acidity of the fresh lime is complimented by crunchy onions. Accompanied by boiled corn (choclo) and sweet potato (camote), this dish is not stingy on texture, flavours and colours. Other popular foods include Pachamanca, which dates back to the Inca Empire, and Adobo de Chancho, a seriously good stew.



Classic ceviche | Photo credits: Maor X 

An Adventure Playground 

From Paragliding to Volcano Climbing and even Sand boarding – Peru is not lacking in activities for thrill seekers. Take the opportunity to try out thrilling activities in Peru against the backdrop of rocky terrains and sand dunes. Most of adventure activities are situated out of the cities, so while you are enjoying the activity, you can enjoy the natural sights too! One activity we love is volcano climbing up to the peak of Picchu Picchu, a favourite, to witness the spectacular sights from above. 



El Misti | Photo credits: .ky

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