What On Earth is Paragliding?

If you’ve always dreamt of flying over the Swiss Alps or perhaps the Angel Falls in Venezuela, then you should definitely give paragliding a try. Most say paragliding is the closest thing we have to flying in this day and age. So, what is paragliding in the first place? 

Paragliding is both an extreme and recreational sport where people fly with the use of a paraglider – foot-launched, non-motorized flying with an inflatable wing. These wings are called paragliders, a form of glider aircraft and are also considered to be the cheapest and safest aircraft in the world. This piece of technology is so simple and straightforward that it is powered by kinetic and wind energy alone. 


Many are still perplexed as to when paragliding really was first invented. But the birth of the sport was actually in the city of Mieussy in France in 1978. As commercial manufacturers enhanced the design of the gliders, paragliding gained popularity in the Swiss and French Alps in the 1980’s. 

Misconceptions about Paragliding 


It may look like a death-defying, extreme sport that adrenaline junkies take part in whilst risking their lives as they go at it. But in reality, paragliding is relatively safer than what most people think. Moreover, it is actually one of the safest airborne sports there is. 

While there is a competitive side to the sport, most people who paraglide love it simply for its ability to make one feel free. Paragliding is an experience that gives you complete freedom like no other. Even just for a while, you get to escape reality and be one with the sky and just be.


The experience can also spoil you with some of the most panoramic views that you cannot see anywhere or any way else. 


One does not have to be a professional pilot of any sort to take part in this sport. Unlike some other sports, you do not need a license to paraglide. Naturally, humans will never have the ability to fly. But with paragliding, that dream has finally become a reality. So quit dreaming and start living – spread out your paragliders and fly to your heart’s content!

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