More Destinations Added to the Eurail Global Pass

For those planning an adventure across Europe by rail, you will certainly want to consider using the Eurail Global Pass by Rail Europe.

Great Britain, Lithuania, and Macedonia have been added to the list of countries that pass holders can enjoy unlimited train travel. The pass is now eligible for a total of 31 different countries around Europe.

The new additions offer visitors with so much more fresh European adventures. Great Britain is already a popular travel spot, while Lithuania and Macedonia are rising destinations.

There are various packages you can choose from. A three day unlimited travel within a month pass comes at a price of €217, while the five day and seven day options costs €281 and €334 respectively. For those travelling for a longer period of time, there are bigger bundles, ranging from 10 days to up to 3 months.

Only non-European residents can purchase the Eurail Pass. European residents can use the Interrail Pass instead.

Click here to purchase the Eurail Pass. 

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