Maldives Issues Warning After Multiple Drownings

Officials in the Maldives have issued a nationwide safety warning following a tragic two week span which saw five tourists drown.

All tour and resort operators were pressed to keep a close lookout for their customers’ safety.

Police have also advised tourists to keep extra caution.

The recent occurrences were likely due to the heavy currents that formed as a result of the northeast monsoon.

A Filipino couple on their honeymoon passed away last Sunday after being swept away by a strong undercurrent.

The man encountered difficulties keeping afloat, and his wife had attempted to rescue him. The newlyweds unfortunately could not escape their ordeal alive.

An 84 year-old Czech and a 66 year-old South Korea perished at a resort while snorkelling.

On Sunday, a Russian woman drowned after a diving trip went awry.

The grim week could have worsened if a Pakistani traveller had not been rescued in time. He was pulled out from the waters alive and rushed to the hospital.

Following the spate unfortunate occurrences, a probe would be conducted to access the safety standards of hotels and facilities nationwide.

Currently, safe zones for swimming and diving are being identified, while tourist police officers are being deployed to oversee visitors’ safety.

The Maldives is known to the world as a premier beach destination, boasting turquoise waters, white sand and photo-worthy spots scattered throughout the tropical nation.

Their economy is heavily dependent on tourism, with the sector contributing to a huge 22.7 percent of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2016, according to the Ministry of Tourism.  

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