LGBT-friendly Albuquerque


Albuquerque is traditionally known for its queer-friendliness. It welcomes thousands of LGBTQ couples from other states like Texas and Colorado to get hitched there. The city is apparently used to diversity evident from the harmonious mixing of Native, Spanish and other cultures.


Albuquerque boasts its own local website, Albuquerque Pride, that covers LGBTQ life. It includes coverage of numerous gay bars and clubs like Apothecary Lounge and the ultra-popular Albuquerque Social Club.


Two major LGBT events in Albuquerque draw massive crowds – the Albuquerque Pride Parade in late June and the Way Out West Film Festival in mid-October.


At the Pride Parade, thousands of enthusiastic participants parade through the city centre. Simultaneously the Albuquerque Pridefest is in full swing with live music, vendor booths, a Pride art show and many other events that celebrate freedom of expression.



On the other hand, the Way Out West Film Festival is one of the largest film festivals in all of New Mexico, showcasing varied fresh perspectives and stories about unique LGBTQ experiences that ring with love and acceptance.


A gay couple from Dallas noted that Albuquerque was truly a very comfortable place for the LGBTQ community where they could publicly hold hands and introduce their newly-wedded status to an outpouring of excited congratulations.

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