Japan’s Cherry Blossoms Expected to Bloom Early this Year

Travellers keen on chasing Japan’s famed cherry blossoms take note: the first cherry blossom forecast for 2019 is out. And according to the projection released by the Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC), this year’s cherry blossom season would be arriving earlier than before once again.

The JMC on 10 Jan, released their first forecast of the dates the flowers are expected to begin flowering and when they would reach full bloom in various prefectures.

The season is expected to kick off in Kochi, with the flowers predicted to arrive on 18 Mar, four days before the average date.

The season is also likely to arrive early in Tokyo, Nagano, Kyoto, Wakayama, Hiroshima, Aichi and Fukuoka.

In Tokyo, the sakura are expected to start flowering on 22 Mar, and hit full bloom on 29 Mar. Kyoto is likely to see their renowned trees begin flowering on 25 Mar, and reach full bloom eight days later.

In the northern regions of Hokkaido, Aomori and Miyagi, the Somei Yoshino (Yoshino Cherry) trees are predicted to bloom in late April or early May.

This would not be the first time the cherry blossoms flower earlier than normal. The cherry blossoms in Tokyo flowered on 17 Mar last year, nine days before the average date. In October last year, more than 350 cherry trees bloomed, months ahead of schedule, after a series of erratic weather and typhoons.

Click here to check out the full forecasted flowering and blooming dates.

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