Jamaica: Home to Rugged Coastlines

The famed homeland of Bob Marley, gained a name for itself because of its incredible landscape. Sway to the sound of the ocean waters lapping against the shore and explore the beautiful sights it has to offer. 



Unlike the neat coasts of the South of France, Jamaica is a rugged beauty, carved out of rocky shorelines and Mother Nature’s contrasting colours. Glittering waters glide over flourishing corals onto yellow sandy beaches. Move into the thick of the Jamaican lands onto red soil and banana groves. In time, find yourself at the base of a mountain or thunderous waterfalls. 

Bask in the lazy summer heat, immerse yourself in dense greenery and slow down your pace for a second to truly enjoy the island life embodied by this Caribbean gem. With so many activities to embark on and sights to see, Jamaica is a playground for people who love both water and land activities. Plunge into the cool waters or don a pair of boots to hike up to the Blue Mountain peak. 


Dunn’s River Falls


photo credits: Banja-Frans Mulder


Since its feature in the first James Bond movie in 1962, Dunn’s River Falls has become a tourist favourite in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The waterfall is approximately 55 metres high and because of the terraces at various points of the waterfall, it looks like giant stairs from which water erupts. Spend your day at the waterfall swimming in one of its small lagoons after completing the short climb up the steep terrain. 


Dolphin Cove 



Shark petting | Photo credits: Jeremy Bradford


Take the opportunity to interact with some of the ocean’s beauty when you’re in Jamaica. Here you can head on over to the Dolphin Cove at Ocho Rios or Montego Bay to swim alongside dolphins, stingrays and sharks! Dolphin Cove also has a jungle trail for you to embark on if the water activities haven’t already made you tired.


Blue Mountain 



On the eastern side of Jamaica sits the majestic Blue Mountain. With a peak at 2256 metres in the air expect to find yourself face to face with dramatic scenery at the end of your hike! The sea lays stretches out as far as the eyes can see and the coolness of the elevation is a respite from the thick Jamaican heat down below. If you are wearing short clothing, do bring jackets and umbrellas in case the weather turns on you. Whether you are fit or have not taken a long walk in a while, visiting the Blue Mountains is worth the effort.


Diving at Montego Bay



Unblemished ocean floors, an abundance of marine life and opulent displays of coral. If you think Jamaica looks spectacular above the sea level, you are up for a treat when you dive underwater. The visibility underwater is incredibly high and there is an abundance of tropical sea creatures underwater who are not shy to glide past you. There are many beaches and locations from which diving and snorkelling can be done but the most popular area is Montego bay. It spoils you with choice because of the sheer number of tour companies and guides. Take the time to research about the company you would want to dive with and learn about their practices! 

It is incredibly important to engage in sustainable practices that cause as little harm as possible to the ocean. 

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