Into The World of Freediving

One with the ocean. Escaping into the ocean is a therapeutic experience for most. Whether that’s surfing, swimming or even just being by the beach, people always find solace and comfort by the sea. But the experience of freediving is unparalleled and unlike any other underwater escapade.

Freediving is essentially a water sport that requires you to dive underwater whilst holding your breath. No matter how shallow or deep you go into the ocean, freediving will always involve a breath-hold. Freedivers swim to great depths underwater and the current record for the longest free dive is 22 minutes and 22 seconds set by German freediver, Tom Sietas in 2012. Some top spots for freediving in the world include Thailand, Australia, Bahamas, and even Finland.


Although freediving is gaining more popularity as of lately, the sport actually dates back to up to thousands of years ago. As early as 8,000 years ago, humans began freediving as a means of survival – hunting for food and lost items that could be traded for its value. But now, freediving is seen as both a competitive sport and a recreational activity.

The Difference Between Scuba Diving and Freediving

For starters, one very clear-cut difference is one’s breathing. With scuba diving, you dive into the depths of the ocean with an oxygen tank that aids your breathing. Whereas when you free dive, all you’re relying on is one massive gulp of air. 

While scuba diving is far more technical in terms of equipment, freediving also requires a certain level of technicality as well. Just as it is physically taxing, it is also a mental thing too. The psychology behind freediving is that our breath and our minds are interconnected, which is why meditation is an integral part of freediving training. It helps with relaxing the nervous system, lowering blood pressure, and calming the heart rate – all of which are crucial when freediving. When you are mindful of your 

So, Why Freedive? 

Freediving isn’t just merely floating and drifting around in the ocean. It’s a physical and mental challenge that requires an ungodly level of discipline. It also requires an extreme level of focus and dedication – it is no joke.

But above all of that, many describe it as ‘freeing’, ‘liberating’ or an ‘escape to a different world‘. Just as the name suggests, it is diving with absolute freedom. It is a means of detachment from the real world, even just for a while.

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