In Pictures: Jordan’s Monuments

Passed through the hands of many empires and rulers, Jordan’s landscape is peppered with megalithic monuments. These monuments tell stories as old as time and captivates the modern-day audience member precisely because so many of these places can still be seen, felt and explored. Influences from the Greeks, Romans and Arabs, amongst many others, are still felt when you walk through some of the routes once taken by great rulers of the Ancient, Classical and Islamic periods of history. 

Step into history as you wander through glorious monuments of a time long gone. With one of the best preserved Greco-Roman towns, Jerash, and Petra (The Rose City) a cultural trip through Jordan will not disappoint!


Petra, The Rose City  

 Jordan's Monuments

Jordan's Monuments


Petra, nicknamed The Rose City, is one of Jordan’s most spectacular monuments. It is an ancient city that dates back to 300 B.C is is nestled in a valley, amongst the mountains that flank the eastern Arabah Valley. The intricately carved city was once a regional trading hub that housed an abundance of grand structures. Whittled into the rose-coloured stones of this UNESCO Heritage site is the tale of of a beautiful civilisation that is worth more than a day’s trip. 



Jordan's Monuments

Temple of Artemis | Photo Credits: askii

Jordan's Monuments

The Oval Forum | Photo Credits: Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA

Jordan's Monuments

Nymphaeum | Photo Credits: yeowatzup


Mentioned in the Bible, Jerash is a monumental Greco-Roman Town inhabited since the Bronze Age! It is a blend of the ancient with the modern and amalgamates the cultural heritage of different empires. Feel yourself being pulled back in time to a different age as you pass through the Temple of Artemis and the Temple of Zeus or whizz through the Oval Forum. At this places, you will have the opportunity to tread on the same paths as great rulers of the ancient era. 

Qasr Azraq 


Jordan's Monuments

Photo Credits: DAVID HOLT


Jordan's Monuments

Photo Credits: Jeanhousen

Located in Eastern Jordan, this fortress is filed with history dating back to the 4th century, before its reconstruction in the 13th century. The old castle was of strategic importance because it was located in an oasis (the only water source). Subsequently, in the Ottoman Empire, it functioned as a headquarter during periods of war. 


Qasr Amra


Jordan's Monuments

Photo Credits: Paul Mannix


Jordan’s Monuments


This UNESCO-listed site can be traced back to 743 AD. It is revered as a site of great importance as it showcases a great example of early Islamic art and architecture. While it was built to be a gargantuan castle initially, in present times only the foundation remains standing. However, don’t be dismayed as the foundation itself tells a tale that is rich in cultural heritage. With standing rooms and frescoes still plastered onto the ceilings, the former castle is burgeoning with stories about old rulers who used to frequent the palace and their leisurely activities. Paintings depict images of singing, dancing, hunting, kings and animals, amongst other things. It is truly a site not be missed when in Jordan. 

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