The Pink City of Jaipur in Pictures

Amidst the chaos from the bustling streets of Jaipur, India lie a calm that fills the entire city – in the form of a colour. ‘The pink city’ of Rajasthan definitely lives up to its title. At every turn, there it is. From warm coral tones to tints of light rosewood, Jaipur is filled with pink. It’s a punch of colour yet easy on the eyes – the perfect balance.


Behind this rose-coloured facade, there is a deeper meaning as to why the city was completely painted pink in the first place. The Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria was set to visit the city in 1876. Just like any other host would, the King of Jaipur wanted to make a lasting impression. Since pink represents the colour of hospitality, the King thought it would be a bold idea to go to town and paint it pink (not red).


The architecture here screams ‘symmetry’ with an exclamation point at every turn; almost like something out of a Wes Anderson film. The city also has a natural filter to it – the tones are warm and the colours are vibrant. Light certainly hits differently in here in this part of the world.


Unravel the beauty of ‘the pink city’ as we take you on a pastel, visual journey through these photographs.








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