In Pictures: Granada, Spain

Overshadowed by the astounding clout and wonder surrounding the Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona, it is easy to overlook this town down South, in Andalucía.

Over the centuries, various cultures have trodden on the territories of Granada. The Ibero-Celtics, then the Greeks. Naturally the Romans followed, before the Visigoths took over, who then ceded the area to the later Romans of the Byzantine Empire. The Moorish eventually brought Islamic rule to the city, significantly impacting the course of Granada’s and Iberian Spain’s history. The Moorish fell in the 15th century, to the Christian Spanish Empire that we are all familiar with.

The allure of this city which rests near the base of the Sierra Nevada lies in the curious Islamic-influenced architecture that now shrouds the town. Arab-infused yet distinctively European, the entire outlook and associated vibe of Granada is a fitting testament to her resplendent medieval roots.

Scroll through these photos to bask in the grandeur of this Spanish city.

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