Iconic childhood snacks in Singapore

Admittedly, we all grew up as snackers. Saving 50 cents out of our measly allowances could afford us small packets of snacks and a large amount of happiness. Images of famed foiled-wrapped candies, ice pops and teddy bear biscuits still linger in our memories, enveloping us in nostalgia every once in a while. 

In this feature, our editors bring to you eight iconic childhood snacks that are still eaten by Singaporean children today. 


1. Iced Gem Biscuits 

photo credits: Andrew Russel


Whether you eat the colourful gems or the biscuits first, there is no denying that this snack has cemented itself as an icon of Singapore! Now, you can even find it in the form of cushions and jeweller. 


2.  White Rabbit Candy


Peel back the wrapper to reveal milky and chewy goodness wrapped in a thin film of rice paper. This candy has stood the test of time, having found its home in the pockets of school children, anxiously waiting for the recess bell to blare. 


3. Haw Flakes 

photo credits: Joey


Made from Chinese Hawthorn, these tangy discs captured the hearts of Singaporean children who eat them in the dozens! Resembling a small firecracker, the brightly coloured cylindrical packets can be spotted from a distance as well. 


4. Ice Pops 


photo credits: GovSg


Looking at this photo transports us back in time to the days spent whizzing around playgrounds for hours before fishing out 20-cents to enjoy an ice-cold snack in Singapore’s scorching heat. 


5. Hacks



Whether you were hacking away or not, there was always a reason to pop a piece of this candy into your mouth! A personal favourite- honey lemon flavour.


6. Mamee Monster 


photo credits: Mamee Monster


Children riffled through small bags handed out on their friends’ birthdays to find this packet of goodness! This must-have snack is best enjoyed crush and shaken with the packet of seasoning given on the side. 


7. Chilli Tapioca Chips 


photo credits: Singapore Houten Food


These sweet and spicy tapioca chips, mixed with peanuts and ikan bilis were the best, albeit messy, midday snacks! Retailing at 50-cents, it is no wonder why minimarts were constantly crowded with children leaning over the countertop with coins in-hand. 


8. Walls Ice Cream 


photo credits: Scott Dexter


Do we have to say more? The uncle waits outside school gates for the bells to ring- droves of children rush out of the gates, trying to beat the crowd and get their ice cream sandwiches before going home on a hot day. 



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