Humility from Wild Tribes

One of the things I love the most about Namibia was the greatness of the landscapes. You can drive for days after days and not see a single person. Only incredible infinite landscapes and wilderness. The Centre-South of the country is more deserting, but as soon as you start exploring the Northern areas it becomes more and more greener. You have a lot more trees and bushes. This is mainly due to the increase of groundwater, which allows more life to flourish.

The good thing about travel in full-autonomy is that you can drive to very remote places. And on this remote place I was able to find native communities and tribes.While some of them enjoyed our visit, some just started to shoo us away. With the tribes that accepted our stay on their land, the experience was marvellous! This experience in itself made the entire expedition worth it.

It was just simply another humility- punch-in-the-face moment you get every time you dare to travel and get to know the world beyond your bubble. When you share, when you give, when you connect, you fully embrace the moment. This helps you broaden your perspectives of the world you live in. This makes you a better person. Makes you grow as humans.

So, isn’t this why you travel?

About the Author

Nuno Gouveia Sousa is an adventure junkie from Portugal and a self-taught freelance documentary photographer who is always looking forward to explore the remote reaches of the world. Through travelling and photography he wants to open new windows and allow others to see further, empowering self- awareness about our responsibility as humans and our footprint in the world. / Instagram:@nunogouveiasousa / Facebook: nunogouveiasousa

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