How Do I Pronounce This?

Statue of Alexander the Great, Skopje

Ever experienced some difficulty pronouncing some travel destinations? Or entered a cab and proudly declaring the name of the tourist attraction to the taxi driver, thinking you had gotten the name spot-on, only to see the driver stare at you blankly? Well, you are not alone!

Here’s a guide to some of the world’s toughest and commonly mispronounced destinations. 

Save your blushes!

Ptuj, Slovenia

Wrong: Puh-too-jo

Right: P-too-ee

Rijeka, Croatia

Wrong: Ri-jare-kar

Right: Re-yare-kuh

Skopje, Macedonia

Wrong: Scop-jay

Right: Sko-pyeh

Oaxaca, Mexico

Wrong: Oak-saa-car

Right: Wah-ha-kuh

Sitges, Spain

Wrong: Seet-gas

Right: seet-chyeh

Eyjafjallajokull, Volcano in Iceland

Wrong: Aye-ja-fah-lah-jo-kul

Right: Ay-uh-fyat-luh-yuh-kuh-tel

Chao Phraya River, River in Bangkok, Thailand

Wrong: Chow fra-ya

Right: Chow prah-yah

Park Guell, Park in Catalonia, Spain

Wrong: Park ju-wel

Right: Park gwe-el

Louvre, Museum in France

Wrong: Low-vere

Right: Loove

Machu Picchu, Citadel in Peru

Wrong: Mar-chu pii-chhu

Right: Mat-choo pee-koo

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