Home of the 7 Valleys: Lake Toba

From Komodo National Park to the Island of the Gods, Indonesia is home to some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful gems. Filled with magnificent natural formations, a rich history and incredible cultural diversity, a holiday-goer can expect nothing short of a mesmerising experience. One of its best gems sits atop a volcanic crater – Lake Toba

Emerging out of a super volcanic eruption 70,000 years ago, Lake Toba holds the title of the largest volcanic lake in the world. The invigorating journey through this slice of paradise is not complete without visiting some of its iconic landmarks and natural sites. From waterfalls to hot springs and sprawling plantations, Lake Toba promises an unforgettable journey for the adventurous spirit.



The perfect blend of volcanic soil and a tropical climate, Lake Toba is an ideal location to grow coffee. Spend your morning learning about where your cup of coffee comes from at Nagasaribu Lintong Coffee Plantation and how different varieties are produced! There is always more to what meets the eye.


Start your journey at the lush village of Oman Ruggu – home to stretches of pineapple, tomato and rice plantations. There, you can spend your mornings picking your own syrupy pineapples with locals who will tell you about how the volcanic soil produces a mouth-watering sweetness!

Then, head up to the Salib Kasih, also known as the Cross of Love, perched atop a quaint hill. The 1-km journey up to the open-air church is cloaked in coniferous trees and cobblestone pathways, flanked with flowers and moss-covered logs. Overlooking Tarutung, Salib Kasih is a spiritual destination for Christians as it celebrates the missionary work of German pastor Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen.


“Perched on an elevation of 1,200 metres, you will catch yourself trying to capture photos of the vast lake and its surrounding hills from every angle.”


Natural Formations Galore!

Lake Toba does not disappoint the nature enthusiasts! Take a road trip down to the picturesque Huta Ginjang – AN ideal spot for photographers. Perched on an elevation of 1,200 metres, you will catch yourself trying to capture photos of the vast lake and its surrounding hills from every angle.

From there head over to Bakkara Valley where you can bask in the gargantuan beauty that is Janji Waterfall! Take a stroll through the small park and watch the water cascade down craggy cliffs into small pools, accessible to visitors who wish to swim. When the day starts winding down, combat the frigid evening winds with a dip at Sipoholon Hot Springs. There, you can ease the tension in your muscles as you soak in the mineral-rich pools and take away the soreness of your day spent walking through natural wonders.

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