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With aims of educating, empowering and elevating the layman in terms of fitness and wellness, Ernest (founder of Pounce Fit) Wong shares more about Boogie Bounce Revolution and how it is beneficial for those looking for a good workout or for those who want to consider it for a cross-training programme. Wong who has a diploma in Sport & Wellness Management is also a certified Boogie Bounce Instructor, certified Pound Instructor and certified Strong by Zumba instructor, and a qualified lifeguard.

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What is Boogie Bounce Revolution all about?

Boogie Bounce Revolution is a circuit class which incorporates the use of mini trampolines for the cardio element of the workout, combining it with floor-based stations designed to build up muscle strength and endurance. 

Each session lasts for approximately 45 minutes and it’ll take you through six different stations. You’ll find yourselves working on two activities at each station, one on the trampoline and the other on a mat for one-minute each. For example, you might be instructed to run, stomp or do some jumping jacks on the trampoline and engage in kettlebell swings, dumbbell raises and planking exercises on the mat. 

The trainer is able to adjust the exercises to tailor it to individual capabilities, thus the programme welcomes anyone and everyone regardless of your sporting background or age. In addition, a small class size of about four to 12 participants allows the trainer to pay more attention to each individual and correct their posture during the workout if necessary.


High Intensity, Low-Impact Cardio (HILI)

Boogie Bounce Revolution incorporates the use of trampolines, making it a high intensity and low-impact cardio workout friendly to joints but at the same time tough on fats. The trampolines absorb 85 per cent of the impact, making it less hard on your joints even though you’re doing some intense exercises. To put things into perspective, a 45-minute workout will burn an average of 400 to 800 kcal.


Real Benefits

You may find yourselves leaning a bit more to cardio or weights depending on individual preference and the benefit of a circuit training is that it offers the best of both worlds — combine intervals of high-intensity cardio with body weight as resistance. 

As the activities in each station differ, you’ll be required to engage different muscles and will be able to work each major and minor muscle group by the end of the workout, eventually achieving total body toning and conditioning. With that, it prepares your body for other adventures that you might be signing up for in the future, from mountain biking to climbing and trail running. 

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