Here Are The 5 New Sports Heading To The Tokyo 2020 Olympics


This sport, native to Japan itself, will be making its olympic debut! This sport will have three weight classes for each sex, and the contestants will be judged on the level they execute movements specific to Karate.



This new sport will take place on Shidashita Beach, which is roughly 60km from Tokyo. As conditions for surfing need to be pretty specific, there will be a 16 day window for the competition to take place.



The skateboarding event will host two different courses; park and street. The park course is more like a BMX course, while the street is consists of ramps and rails for contestants to perform numerous tricks. Competitors will have three chances to achieve their best score.


Sports Climbing

This new Olympic sport consists of three sub-categories; lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering. Lead climbing will have athlete’s attempting to get as high up a 15-meter wall in the span of six minutes, while speed climbing  will have two competitors racing each other to the top of the wall. Bouldering is more technical, and require contestants to navigate a short course in a certain amount of time.


Baseball /Softball

This sport is not entirely new, as it was contested at the Olympics between 1996 and 2008, but it is finally seeing its return in Tokyo at the grand 2020 games.

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