The Vibrant City of Havana in Pictures

Striking yet easy on the eyes. Beaming with bright, Caribbean colours at every turn, Havana exudes nothing but energy and liveliness. This vibrant city in Cuba is teeming with culture and is a crowd favourite for tourists visiting South America.

Colourful, columned buildings along Havana

Havana is the capital of Cuba, filled with rich history and culture. There are many layers to this Cuban city, and you can witness them unfold as you walk down the streets of Havana. 

The city of Havana is filled with vibrant and colourful architecture.

From the captivating colours; classic, vintage cars cruising down the streets and locals with their Cuban cigars in-hand, one would think that Havana is a retro dream turned into reality – a city stuck in time.

Vintage pink and red cars parked along a street in Havana

But behind all the 80’s glitz and glam, Havana had a rather turbulent history. Since the Cuban Revolution ended in 1959, Cuba has been a communist nation since then. While there are those who have benefitted from the revolution, there are some that lost everything.

The hues that surround the city are also a true symbol of the Cuban people – friendly, hospitable and resilient. Despite their complicated history, the Cubans still remain to be the most friendly people there is. The locals will gladly help you out with directions, or even sit with you just to have a nice chat. Since the use of mobile devices is not as common as in more urban cities, you will be able to witness and experience a true connection with the people of Havana – device-less.

Through these photographs, let the story of Havana in Cuba and its rich culture unfold itself to you!

Local workers painting a building in Havana

Local, elderly man smoking a Cuban cigar

Cuban musicians playing classical guitars along the streets of Havana

Local taxi driver roaming the streets of Havana

Local busker playing the trumpet in Havana

The Streets of Havana City in Cuba

Elderly lady smoking a Cuban cigar

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