Google’s New Storage Service Will Help You Slash Your Hotel Expenses

There is not a person on earth who doesn’t love a discount, let alone a discount up to a crazy 40% off hotels throughout the globe. This method to access these both amazing and exclusive deals is through signing up for Google One, a Google Drive storage subscription service. Before you roll your eyes at the idea of purchasing this upgrade, or even if you already have, may it be noted that the money you would have to dish out for the subscription is virtually nothing in comparison to the cash that you will save in return. The storage plan starts at $2.79 a month for an added 100GB of space for you and up to four family or friends, resulting in a mere $33.48 out of pocket every year. There are a total of six available plans which are designed to suit each and every person’s specific need for the service, ranging from an added 200GB to a tremendous 30TB of space. This storage can be used in plethora of ways, to secure the safety of precious photos, to saving important documents you do not want lost.

To then view the bargains which the service offers you as their “way of saying thanks”, look for hotels through the Google search engine after subscribing to a Google One account. This money saving method has garnered significant traction on social media platforms like Twitter, with many Google Drive subscription users reporting that they have received phenomenal hotel deals which are saving them hundreds in travel expenses. Because of this, and more so if you are an avid traveller, the service will essentially pay for itself by aiding you in slashing down your hefty hotel expenses.

To sign up for Google One and to thus have access to these deals, head here.

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