Google’s Most Searched Travel Destinations of 2018

We are almost a month into 2019. Past the year-end holiday season. The hustle and bustle of life is staring at our faces. Job fatigue is kicking right back in. Amongst the piling work load and rising stress levels, you might be reminiscing about your previous vacation.

Then it is time to plan your next escapade. To add some colour to the systematic routine of working life. To have something exciting to look forward to.

Need some travel inspiration? Here is a list of Google’s most searched travel destinations of 2018.

10. Spain

The booming metropolis of Madrid? Barcelona’s artistic buildings? Or the fantasy-inducing walls of Alhambra in Granada? Of course, with so much to see, Spain came in number 10 in the list.

9. New Orleans, United States of America

Culturally diverse, with vibrant nightlife and unique cuisine. Big Easy. And home to the famed Mardi Gras festival.

8. New York, United States of America

The towering Statue of Liberty lingers in everyone’s consciousness, as the buzzing city needs no further introduction.

7. Bora Bora

Perfect for those seeking a relaxing resort-style vacation.

6. Las Vegas, United States of America

Fancy a chance at making a big break while gambling? The city’s 24 hour casinos, high octane nightlife and attractive retail stores pack a sizeable punch.

5. Ireland

The Emerald Isle, birthplace of the Guinness Beer and famed writer Oscar Wilde. A country where your lyrical imagination can run wild

4. Bahamas

The top ranked beach destination on the list. No wonder, given the white sand, and brimming marine life.

3. Iceland

Cinematic landscapes and jaw dropping scenery push the Nordic nation near the top of the list.

2. Paris, France

Europe’s glitzy fashion capital. A major player on the art scene. And food. Oh, and certainly, love is in the air.

1. Italy

Italy came in as Google’s most searched travel destination in 2018. Historically rich, culturally vibrant and teeming with tons of world famous attractions and iconic monuments, it is no surprise, really.

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