Glow-in-the-Dark Food for Aliens?

You’d think this is what aliens eat in another dimension – glowing goop in shiny bowls – until it’s served up before you in all its bizarre neon glory at the world’s first glow-in-the-dark ramen shop. Don’t worry, you aren’t eating glow-stick chemicals; it’ll be a perfectly harmless, aesthetically appealing dining experience you won’t forget., the luminous brainchild of design studio Zoo as Zoo’s founder Ami Sueki, materialised on Edgewood Avenue, Georgia, as a quirky culture-rich debut restaurant offering glowing food and drink as well as an immersive theatrical experience delving into Japanese folklore.

Pre-book your tickets online for 30-minute time-slots seating up to six guests at a time for a signature Mobile Kitchen lumen-ramen experience. Throughout your meal, performers freely interact with you, constructing a riveting tale of the Nakamuras, a family of yōkai (supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore) who ran a popular ramen shop for other spirits at the turn of the century.

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The story itself, as designed by Sueki’s studio, goes: years after losing their parents in a storm, the Nakamura children reunite at their family’s old shop to find strangely glowing noodles and vibrating utensils, almost as though someone was trying to show them how to make their parents’ secret ramen recipe. From then on, the children chase full moons around the world – the time when the noodles glow the brightest – in their mobile kitchen, hoping to reunite with their parents one day.


Post-dinner-cum-theatre, enjoy ticket-covered access to the nightly party offering special eerie performances and a glorious array of neon snacks like dumplings and cocktails to properly end off your luminous night!

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