Get to know Snow Boating

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Take a peek at this new sport

A rather new and peculiar snow sport, snow boating is an activity that is typically done by kayakers during the wintertime. It may sound like a bizarre activity, but it is actually similar to a couple of winter sports you might be familiar with. 


Kayaking In The Snow? 

It may sound like a sport you would only see on television, but snow boating or snow kayaking is gaining traction as a winter activity amongst sports enthusiasts and travellers. 

Snow boating usually uses playboats or creek-boats, depending on the style you are going for, and paddles are used to manoeuvre around as well. 

This interesting sport may just look like a person sliding down snow-dusted mountains, but it borrows aspects of sledding and skiing that is bound to get you out of your comfort zone. 

Snow boating has been recognised by extreme sports organisations, helping to create a platform for this new and niche sport. Such organisations have even created international competitions for snow boating, encouraging others to learn more about the sport.


Where To Start? 

Since snow boating is still a fairly new activity, there aren’t that many places that offer its services to the public. Be sure to call in beforehand to make sure whether they offer the required equipment and service for you to experience the one of a kind sport.

Austria and Estonia are one of the few countries that offer this unique sport! Snow boating brings a different type of thrill that is fresh and new, so what are you waiting for? Grab a kayak and start your descent down the snow-white slopes of winter!

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